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Our Vision

Our Vision is to maintain an African initiative for our African youth, to reinforce their sense of identity and belonging, both within themselves and in the context of living in New Zealand.

We aim to teach and empower our youth to embrace their unique qualities, their culture and how that is celebrated alongside other cultures within our community.
By strengthening our children’s sense of identity and embracing our diverse cultural backgrounds we can reinforce the understanding that everyone is Unique and should be celebrated for the individuality they bring to Canterbury’s rich cultural tapestry.
By connecting children to their culture we aim to foster a strong sense of identity that can be used to enrich our youth’s personal self esteem, resilience to racism, community engagement and to pass down to their children, as they learn to navigate what it means to be a person of proud African descent, living in a Kiwi context.


We want to involve our children (5 to 20+ years) to be part of achieving this vision, by taking part in regular activities, with a focus on empowering them and instilling confidence in their uniqueness.

This will advance their knowledge and understanding relating to cultural differences, and unique cultural traditions.

We want to teach our kids love and a sense of belonging, by being proud of their uniqueness and have confidence in their cultural backgrounds. We will encourage positive messages and celebrate our individual uniqueness within our multicultural society and to empower our youth away from negative or dis-empowering narratives.

A Place to Belong

A Place to Belong

At embracing Diversity we value respect, trust, positive intentions, individual dignity, healthy communication, teamwork and happiness.

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